Where to Eat Vegan at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand?

Since my very first trip to New Zealand, I have always had a special attachment to the beautiful coastal town of Mount Maunganui. Beginning 2015, after traveling for three months in New Zealand and a few weeks in New Caledonia, I returned to New Zealand to settle for a while at Mount Maunganui. I stayed there for a little over six months. Mount Maunganui is about 2h30 ...


Things to do in Ubud

Hail ☼ Today we leave in the heading Travel, direction Ubud. I have already written two articles about my experience in Ubud: My Good Addresses in Ubud as well as Organizing a Low Budget Yoga Retreat. This episode completes the previous articles with, this time, a focus on activities not to be missed. A few weeks ago I booked my ...


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