Beach Therapy

Aloha ☼ Last time my girlfriend Max and I had a good time at the beach, we took the opportunity to take some pictures. Here is the end of summer. The sun is shining. These beautiful and sweet days soothe me, I am a girl of the sun. The hours spent at the beach make me happy. Barefoot, rocked by the heat of ...


My Physical Evolution #1

Hello wolves, This is a special article today: I'm doing a little review of my physical evolution between 2016 and 2017. Already, I want to clarify that for many people it will not be impressive. I have always been fine, this transformation was not made in record time, and I am aware that I still have some way to go before I reach this ...


I tested the Bikram Yoga

Hi girls, how are you? I hope your week is beautiful and filled with pretty surprises. Before I left for Australia, I had the opportunity to test a form of Hot Yoga: Bikram Yoga. I practiced Bikram in a hot yoga center in Dunedin (New Zealand). Hot Yoga exists in different forms: Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and ...


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