Recipe of Cookies Végans

Hi wolves! We end up with a recipe that many expected ... the recipe for vegan cookies! I have tested many cookie recipes. As you can see in the following photos, it took me a while to find the perfect texture. But finally ... that's it, I have it! THE recipe for vegan cookies ✧


Véganes Chocolate mousse

Hail ☼ Recently I shared a recipe for vegan chocolate creams. This time I share my recipe for chocolate mousse made from aquafaba. The aquafaba refers to the liquid in which certain legumes are cooked. Most often when we talk about aquafaba we talk about the juice contained in a can of chickpea. This liquid can be a perfect substitute for egg whites in some ...


Vegetable Milk Recipe (Mylk)

Hello ♡ Here is a nice recipe, easy to make: my little vegetable milk recipe or mylk in English. Mylk written in this way defines vegetable milk. Whatever the base you choose to use the recipe remains the same. My favorite homemade plant milks are oat milk and hazelnut milk. Utensils: For this recipe, you will need: - A robot ...


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