Since my very first trip to New Zealand, I have always had a special attachment to the beautiful coastal town of Mount Maunganui.

Beginning 2015, after traveling for three months in New Zealand and a few weeks in New Caledonia, I returned to New Zealand to settle for a while at Mount Maunganui. I stayed there for a little over six months. Mount Maunganui is about a mile north of Auckland. It's good to live there, and that's where I met my kiwi ♡. At the time he lived in Papamoa (approx 2km away) with two of his best friends. I have a lot of wonderful memories at Mount Maunganui and I love going back there for a weekend.

Whenever I go back there, I like discovering new addresses or simply enjoying the ones I already know.

Here is a short list of my favorite vegan (or options) addresses:

Wild One Wholefoods Eatery,

7 Prince Avenue, Mount Maunganui

Wild One is a vegetarian coffee with many delicious vegan options !! Whenever I'm on the Mount, it's my little go-to. The setting is very cozy. They offer wholesome breakfasts with flavors to die for, pretty and elaborate salads, wraps, muffins, bliss balls etc. 😋

George Coffee,

91 Oceanbeach Rd, Omanu, Mount Maunganui

George Café is a bit out of the way and very often full, but worth the trip. Almost everything on their menu is envied! Açai bowl, banana bread, chia pudding ... The last time I went there, I opted for a banana bread accompanied by a spread homemade style Nutella, passion fruit and blueberry coulis. To taste urgently!

Eddies Parlor,

2A Terrace Ave, Mount Maunganui

Eddies Parlor opened last year and is already very popular. The team focuses on the presentation of dishes, as well as on the association of flavors. Just look at this avocado toast to understand that they do not do in basic! I really advise.

Flour + Water Eatery,

103 Maunganui Rd, Mount Maunganui

Flour + Water is right in front of the Café Luca where I worked when I lived in the Mont. At the time we often went there after work to relax around a small glass of wine. I went back on my last weekend at Mt Maunganui. They offer 3 vegan options it seems to me, a pizza, a pasta dish as well as a salad. Perfect for me who loves pizza ... 🍕🍕🍕

Leave me a little comment if you ever visit Mt Maunganui or just if one of these addresses makes you want :) Love xx


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